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PyCon 2011 Atlanta

March 9th–17th

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(Volunteer page)


A lot happens at PyCon, and we need volunteers to help it happen.

Follow for call-for-volunteers.

Signup on the Volunteer Signup page.

Be a Session runner / Session Chair (see below).

  • Swag bag stuffers:
    Someone needs to stuff the stuff into the stuff holders, typically bags.
  • Registration desk staffers:
    Someone needs to say "What is your name?", print the persons name tag, hand them their stuff.
    Note: this year CTE manages registrations, but volunteers man the registration desk to greet and print badges.
  • Session chairs / Session runners:
    Quick signup links & current volunteer listings: Sessions.
    Session chairs say "Please be seated. Our next speaker is..."
    Session runners get speakers from the blue-room, to their session room.
    For a nice, full write-up of these roles, see the Call for Session Volunteers post.
    You can also sign up from the Schedule - click the "S" on any talk to volunteer for that session.
  • Electrical cord tapers / untapers; other last minute help:
    We may be taping down power strips in the tutorial rooms, the ballrooms, and need other last minute help. Check the Volunteer Signup page for specifics.
  • Network Setup/Teardown:
    The night before the tutorials, the night before the main show, and at the end of the show, help with wiring, taping down, and placing network gear.

How to volunteer

Please add your info to the Volunteer Signup page. Also please join the PyCon Organizers list and say something like "I'll be arriving at the venue around 2pm. What can I do to help?"



Also, consider watching the live conversation at - watch for "Volunteer" topics for calls for help needed.

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