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PyCon 2011 Atlanta

March 9th–17th

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Call for Poster Session Proposals

PyCon 2011 is now seeking proposals for poster presentations. Proposals for posters will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis through January 19th.

What is a Poster?

A poster is a 4' x 4' graphical summary of the key points about your project. It forms the starting point for a brief and interactive presentation to interested viewers. For more information, go here or check out this informal video.

Poster Proposal Submission Mechanics

Online proposal submission is open now! Starting on September 23, 2010, use the PyCon Online Proposal Submission system to send us your poster proposals. You must create a speaker profile on the website (and be logged in) in order to submit a poster proposal. In your profile, be sure to include a one paragraph biography, written in the third person ("Presenter Name is..."); include where you live, your job, your projects, books you've written, volunteer activities, etc. We use this for the conference guide, and other promotional materials.

The primary author should submit the proposal, after which additional authors can be added (they must have accounts too).

The proposal submission system will walk you through all required fields.

To get started, please see:

For a list of this year's accepted posters - check out:

For a list of last year's posters - check out:

Deadline for Poster Proposals

Posters will be accepted on a rolling basis as they are submitted up to a maximum of 35 posters. In order to plan for the space needed, we ask that poster proposals be submitted by Jan. 19, 2011.

No Automatic Speaker Registration Or Payment

PyCon is a volunteer-run, "everybody pays" community conference. We keep the costs low to make PyCon accessible to the greatest range of community members possible. This means that PyCon cannot offer payment or free registration to conference speakers. Conference registration, accommodations, and transportation are the responsibility of the speakers.

However, financial aid will be available, and speakers who pay their own way are encouraged to apply. Presenting a poster is a great rationale when requesting aid. If you require financial aid in order to attend PyCon, please note it in your proposal and be sure to apply.

Permission to Record & Release Presentations

Part of the motivation for PyCon is to help with Python education and advocacy around the world, not just in the United States, and not just at PyCon. Accordingly, by submitting your poster proposal, you agree to give permission to the Python Software Foundation to record, edit, and release audio and/or images and video of your presentation.

To cut down on administration, no exceptions will be made. If you don't want to give the PSF permission to record your presentation and release the recording, do not submit a proposal.

For details, see the Recording Release Agreement.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

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