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ScrumDo- Easy to use Scrum Management tool

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ScrumDo is an Agile/Scrum story management web application. is a dead-simple to use to support your goals: * Managing change better * Delivering faster * Predicting better * Improving communications Example: Adding a story is as simple as typing in a sentence and hitting enter. Ranking or assigning to an iteration must be no harder than dragging an item.


Support the agile process

ScrumDo wants to support your Agile/Scrum process. The tool should not become the process. Often times, so much is invested in a complex enterprise tool that the tool begins to drive your development process instead of the other way around.


We like sites like Basecamp and GitHub. Simple, well thought out web interfaces that get the job done. We don't want dozens of different configuration options, customizations, and doodads. About Us

This site is developed by Marc Hughes and Ajay Reddy, two passionate developers who believe in Agile Development.

We do this because:

  • We love building software
  • We wanted to work on a project together
  • We love Scrum