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March 9th–17th

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Saving Lives with Python: Medical Expert System

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[FACT]Tens of thousands of people die every day,often for the simple reason that the parent,carer or health worker lacks the information and knowledge they need to save them.(>>> How can we help them? Project N is an expert system, emulating a physician,extending the notion of open source to medical knowledge.The PyCon talk will introduce you to the technical aspects of this project.


Development of Medical Expert System

First we introduce you to "who", "why" and "how" of the project giving you a quick but comprehensive picture of how expert doctors make a diagnosis, and why exactly we want to emulate their thinking along with a reality check on health care issues. And the reason why python and pyke, and why open source collaboration on this project is quintessential for bringing about a real change.

Secondly we will explain "how" of the project - what is a rule based expert system and what are certainty factors. We have a few experimental puzzles on certainty factors which we hope you enjoy cracking by which you simultaneously gain insight about the system!

Finally we will lay before you the future plan of the project, showing you the myriad of possibilities by which you can help it and showing with examples how bringing together doctors and programmers compounds innovation.