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PyCon 2011 Atlanta

March 9th–17th

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Python and Technical Computing at Microsoft

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Novice / Poster
Come see and hear about Python Tools for Visual Studio and using Python on Windows HPC and Azure. Python Tools for Visual Studio adds support for developing Python applications. Windows HPC can be used to scale your distributed Python application to your local cluster or the cloud. Put these together for scaling solutions with all the great Python libraries you know and love.


Python Tools for Visual Studio is a new development environment for creating Python applications. It supports both development with CPython, IronPython or any other compatible Python interpreter. It includes great intellisense, an integrated REPL, multi-language solutions, debugging, profiling, and more. It’s being developed with an eye towards creating cluster or cloud based solutions but works great for all kinds of Python development. Combine this with Windows HPC and Windows Azure and you have a fantastic environment for creating and deploying applications at scale. We’ll also be talking the recent work with Enthought to bring NumPy and SciPy to IronPython. Come here about all of this and more of Microsoft’s Technical Computing group’s investments in Python and open source.