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PyCon 2011 Atlanta

March 9th–17th

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Overview of the Global Arrays Parallel Software Development Toolkit

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Novice / Poster
An introduction to the Global Arrays (GA) parallel software toolkit will be given that includes an overview of the basic programming model for GA and a description of the core functionality. Some simple examples of parallel code based on GA are provided and compared to their C and/or Fortran versions.


This poster describes capabilities, evolution, performance, and applications of the Global Arrays (GA) toolkit. GA was created to provide application programmers with an interface that allows them to distribute data while maintaining the type of global index space and programming syntax similar to what is available when programming on a single processor. The goal of GA is to free the programmer from the low level management of communication and allow them to deal with their problems at the level at which they were originally formulated. At the same time, compatibility of GA with MPI enables the programmer to take advantage of the existing MPI software/libraries when available and appropriate. The variety of applications that have been implemented using Global Arrays attests to the attractiveness of using higher level abstractions to write parallel code.

See the Global Arrays webpage for more information.