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March 9th–17th

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An Open Source Authoring Tool for HTML5/CSS3

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Novice / Poster
There is no open source solution that can compete with commercial ones for animation and GUI applications. Inkscape is a high quality open source vector graphic editor, but lacks animation. We extend Inkscape by embedding CPython to provide animation functions. It is an open source animation and GUI solution for HTML5/CSS3.


WEB developers use vector graphic to create application for years. The tool dominating the market is Adobe Flash. Even hardware vendors desire to use it in embedded device. But, there is no open source solution that is good enough to be a replacement of commercial ones. For years of development, WEB browsers are going to HTML5/CSS3. It is an open standard runtime. With it, we can skip runtime/plug-ins controlled by any company. But, we lack an authoring tool. Without a high-quality tool, HTML5/CSS3 can not be a good solution. Base on Inkscape, a vector graphic editor, we extend it to provide an open source solution for HTML5/CSS3 environment. To simplify the development, we embed CPython engine into Inkscape. We also use Cython to export a set of API from Inkscape to Python code. Programmers can extend Inkscape with Python code.