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March 9th–17th

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Testing in Python Birds of a Feather / TiP BoF


This will be the third annual Testing In Python Birds of a Feather or TiP BoF.

TiP stands for Testing in Python. There's a mailing list of folks ( ) who care about testing and methodologies, be they Agile, TDD, Stupidity Driven Development, etc. Discussions run the gamut of code organization, testing frameworks, continuous integration, web testing, etc.

We provide a venue for people to give presentations about testing related projects. The TiP BoF generally follows this format:

  • Guided Stretching with Feihong Hsu
  • Opening Remarks
  • Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are done on a first come, first served basis. There will be a sign-up sheet provided at the BoF itself (never prior too). We encourage the 5 minute rule, but won't throw anything at anyone if they go over 5 minutes. There is feedback given on the projects (WARNING: The feedback given may contain speech of the adult nature).

Please check out Alfredo Deza's photos from TiP BoF 2010.

TiP BoF is alcohol-free this year. If you decide to bring alcohol be prepared to be asked to leave by hotel management staff.


Officially: Saturday March 12 @ 7:00 PM

Organizers (you know who you are): We should get together @ 6:00 PM to coordinate everything.


We'll be reserving Hanover C & D on Saturday night. This should be twice the space than last year. The Hyatt will be removing the wall between the two rooms, so we should have more than enough space ... I think.


If you're coming to the TiP BoF ... put your name below.

  • Terry Peppers
  • Kevin Boers
  • Benjamin W. Smith
  • Jesse Noller
  • Doug Hellmann
  • Chris Lasher
  • Nat Williams
  • Brian K. Jones
  • Michael Foord
  • Jesse London
  • Mike Pirnat
  • Brian Curtin
  • Brett Cannon
  • Juan Gomez
  • Augie Fackler
  • Bryan Weingarten
  • Srini Sivasubramanian
  • Szilveszter Farkas
  • Paul Hildebrandt & 4 other Disney people
  • Yarko
  • Ned Batchelder
  • Kumar McMillan
  • Brendan McCollam
  • Carl Meyer
  • Anthony Scopatz
  • Steve Holden
  • Nolan Brubaker
  • Bruno Renié
  • Sebastian Hillig
  • James Pacileo
  • Alfredo Deza
  • Jeff Forcier
  • Noufal Ibrahim
  • Jeff Hardy
  • Erik Schweller
  • Jeremy Wall
  • Rick Yazwinski
  • Gary Bernhardt
  • Rich Leland
  • Doug Latornell
  • Chris Pressey
  • Chris Heisel
  • David Glick
  • Matthew J. Morrison
  • Matt Harrison
  • William McVey
  • Sean O'Connor
  • Rick Harding
  • Michael Ruggiero
  • Squiddo
  • Steve Gremban
  • Mike Driscoll
  • Johann Heller
  • Ryan Roemer
  • Kurt Grandis
  • David Cramer
  • Mike Clarke
  • JongMan Koo
  • Roman Lisagor
  • Evan Dandrea
  • Vitaly Babiy
  • Fredrik Håård
  • Mark Jones


We're going to need people to help with pizza and booze (potentially). If you're interested in helping out (again, you know who you are people) please put you name below.

  • Terry Peppers
  • Jesse Noller
  • Doug Hellmann
  • Augie Fackler
  • Chris Lasher
  • Paul Hildebrandt & 4 other Disney people
  • Anthony Scopatz
  • Rich Leland
  • Brian Curtin
  • Aman Nijhawan
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