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PyCon 2011 Atlanta

March 9th–17th

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Last Chance for Regular Registration

Today, March 2, is the last day for regular registration and booking of any kind of hotel room through the PyCon registration bureau. In order to get the best rate, register for PyCon and book your room now!

This is in some ways a follow-up post to the earlier "Behind the Scenes" post. Today we are a week out from PyCon, and we are reaching the critical stage where we need to make our final commitments to the hotel for catering, for rooms, for everything.

Unfortunately, that means that it becomes more difficult (and more expensive) for us to change anything. That is why we have an on-site rate to allow for us to handle these last-minute changes. The on-site rates will start tomorrow, March 3, and run through the conference.

Accordingly, RIGHT NOW is the last day we can provide PyCon registration at the regular rates, and we are in the last hours of being able to provide any help at all for the hotel.

You should go right now and register for PyCon!