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March 9th–17th

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Specific Tutorial Registration Available

For immediate release

Registration for Specific Tutorials Now Available

DATELINE: The Internet.

PyCon chair Van Lindberg temporarily removed the paper bag from his head today to announce that registration for specific tutorials was available via the PyCon registration bureau at This eagerly-awaited change enables attendees to add the tutorials of their choice to their already-existing PyCon registration. New attendees can register for tutorials and PyCon's general session at the same time. You can view the planned schedule here:

The addition of specific tutorial registration adds momentum to the widely-anticipated conference. Registration, running far ahead of all previous years, has been capped at 1500 delegates. Early bird pricing is set to end in six days, on Jan 17th.

News of the change spread quickly. "This is much better than an iPhone on Verizon's network," said Python developer Freddy G. Haich. "I can actually go to a PyCon tutorial. The Verizon iPhone is still unofficial. PyCon definitely wins this one."