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PyCon 2011 Atlanta

March 9th–17th

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PyCon Staff

Please sign up for staff roles! If you notice a missing role, please add it (and your name, too!).

If you would like to be available as a backup and support for a specific role, please add the title "Support: Your Name Here" by the role's name field.

You should also subscribe to the pycon-organizers mailing list.

Follow the role links to the role descriptions.

Role Name(s)
PyCon 2011 Chair Van Lindberg (
PyCon 2011 co-Chair Jesse Noller (
Local Coordinators
Feedback/Survey Coordinator Pat Campbell
Financial Aid Coordinator Peter Kropf (
Food Coordinator
Graphics Coordinator
Photography Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Network Coordinator Sean Reifschneider (
Power Coordinator
Publicity Coordinator Catherine Devlin (
Prize Coordinators
Registration Volunteer Coordinator Yarko Tymciurak (
Software Coordinator
Sponsorship Coordinator Van Lindberg
Tote bag and Giveaway Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator Yarko Tymciurak (
Collab Editing Coordinator
PyCon Tech Lead Doug Napoleone (
International Travel Coordinator Rami Chowdhury (
Program (content: talks, tutorials, sprints, etc.)
Program Committee Chair Jesse Noller (
Program Committee See the Reviewers List
NOTE: organizer login required
Extreme Talks Coordinators Titus Brown (
Jesse Noller (
Invited Speakers Coordinator
Keynote Coordinator Jesse Noller (
Keynote Speakers See the Keynote Speakers page
Lightning Talks Coordinator Jacob Kaplan-Moss (
Poster Session Chair Vern Ceder
Open Space Coordinator Barry Hawkins (
Tutorial Sessions Chair Stuart Williams (
Sprint Coordinator Noah Kantrowitz (
Python Lab Coordinator
VM Summit Coordinator Michael Foord (
Python Language Summit Coordinator Michael Foord (
Board Games Event Coordinator
Border Collie
Operations (at PyCon itself)
Registration Desk Manager Mary Rush (
Support Staff
PSF Treasurer Kurt B. Kaiser
Meeting Planning Services Conference Technology Enhancements Inc. (CTE)

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